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Finding new skills for a sustainable lifestyle.

Arrows2There is a real sense of change in the air. Just like the spring of 1968, there is a sense of joy and renewed purpose in communities as people take on board the message of climate change and the need for sustainable ways of living. Sometimes I feel like that wide eyed teenager again as I listen to all the wonderful ventures that people are starting up. Organic Farms, Fair Food Farmers, Community and Urban Farms, Food Alliances, Food Collectives, Communities in Transition, Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing, Skill Shares, Online Learning, Trade Revivals, Lost Trade Fairs, you name it and someone out there is doing it.

My interest has always been in training and I’m delighting in seeing the rush to share knowledge and skills for creating more sustainable lifestyles. At Sustainability Education Initiatives, we’ll be trialling and evaluating new courses, education outings and forums and letting you know all about where to go to get the best courses and the best sources of knowledge for the skills you seek.
Got a skill you want to acquire? Let us know about it and post your comments here or flip me an email through the details on the contact page.

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