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Add a Little Sustainability to Your W...

Add a Little Sustainability to Your Wash

  Ilch and Djiana Mickovski and The Eco Laundry Room Three years ago, Ilch and his wife, Djiana, were exploring new business opportunities to be involved in. Djiana was keen to own a laundromat, reasoning that it would fit well with their work commitments. They started researching coin operated laundry businesses and found most were dark […]

Greg Weston and Tri Tech Chemic...

Greg Weston and Tri Tech Chemicals

Visiting a smallish local chemical company with 16 staff to further explore our ‘sustainability in small business’ theme recently has been a revelation for SEI. In contrast to our previous interviews, this is confronting stuff for a couple of self-confessed ‘greenies’. Tri Tech Chemical Company Pty Ltd is a supplier of emulsifiers, wetting agents, adjuvants […]

Santorini – The Lemon Campa...

Santorini – The Lemon Campaign

John and I recently caught up with Craig Turton, proud and passionate owner of Santorini Greek Restaurant, in Williamstown. We first met Craig in late in 2014 when searching for people passionate about improving the quality and sustainability of how we grow and handle food. Our goal was to recruit such ‘market leaders’ to a […]

Can a Cafe be Sustainab...

Can a Cafe be Sustainable?

written by John Lawrence. Escaping the Winter chill and wandering into the warm and busy ambience of the Nosh @ Newport Cafe, the smiling staff, vibe of a diverse musical soundtrack and colourful artworks are immediately welcoming. This is definitely my kind of place for a coffee and a chat over lunch. But is it […]

Range T...

Range Teas

It’s a fine Melbourne morning, slightly overcast with a breeze cool enough to make sure the coat is buttoned up. Jo Jackson meets us, shivering slightly in a light cardigan, and we seek refuge from the chill at Omar’s Nosh café / restaurant in Newport. Jo is a secondary teacher with a thriving small business […]

Finding new skills for a sustainable lifesty...

Finding new skills for a sustainable lifestyle.

There is a real sense of change in the air. Just like the spring of 1968, there is a sense of joy and renewed purpose in communities as people take on board the message of climate change and the need for sustainable ways of living. Sometimes I feel like that wide eyed teenager again as […]